Friday, August 25, 2006

Where in the World is Danny Baker?

Where is Danny Baker? Well, if he's not quite home yet, he's at least on the way home from almost three weeks in Australia!

Danny had the opportunity to tour Australian Wine Country, ranging from the historic Barossa Valley to the hottest new wine regions in Victoria and New South Wales.

So if you've missed Danny (and we all have!), just wait until he gets back with his great stories and fabulous wine ideas from Down Under.

Welcome home, Danny! And we can't wait to hear what wine ideas you've brought us.


carl Sobocinski said...

Welcome back Danny. Can't wait to hear all about the trip and taste the Australian wines you brought back.

JohnMitchell said...

Isn't Danny Baker consulting for YellowTail now? Danny hope you brought me back a wallaby full of shiraz. Call me When you get in.